With a combined 25 years experience in macro-brands and micro-brands,
self-funded production of more than 15,000 watches
and distributed across 80 retail locations in 15 countries across 4 continents;
Woodshores AB works with the creation, development and management of watch brands.



Relaunched in 2018, Siduna is a centenary brand of Scandinavian made fine watches targeted at discerning watch enthusiasts. Core values are passion, precision and performance.

Distribution: direct sales.
MSRP from EUR 1 860 to EUR 2 925 (USD 2,100 to USD 3,325)



Created in 2007, Techné is a brand of military inspired affordable watches targeted at the bold, self-reliant and adventurous wearer. Swiss and Japan quartz movements.

Distribution: multi channel
MSRP from EUR 130 to EUR 300 (USD 150 to USD 350).



Since 2013, Woodshores AB provides support to watch brands and watchmaking entrepreneurs in various forms:

  • Brand positioning

  • Revision of business plan

  • Qualitative supply cost optimisation

  • Design optimisation for manufacturing