About Us

Wood shores are hand carved beams that help to build a structure.

Our vision is to be brand builders, and we started this activity in 2014 to address the specific lack of a branding agency that "understands" luxury watches.
Our work rests on two decades of experience with more than 18 trademarks, and we help watch brands to re-imagine possibilities, develop solutions that set them apart from competitors and foster meaningful relationships with consumers.

Contact us for more information about:

  • Strategy: trend research, business consulting and market positioning.
  • Branding: brand guidelines, brand architecture and pricing structure.
  • Portfolio: portfolio development, design management and range optimization.

You can chat with us on Skype, email us a note, or schedule a phone call:

Woodshores AB
Artillerigatan 58, Landskrona 261 33 Sweden
formerly VANTGARD Sàrl
Rue Basse 10, Grandson 1422 Vaud, Switzerland