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Since the majority of projects do not require a one-off task, but do stretch over a couple of months, we have structured our standard services as scalable monthly retainer packages with different amount of services.

30 Minutes Call


One time feeUSD 75
Monthly fee0
Hours of consulting½ h
Suppliers contact0


This is the ideal package if you need a Q & A session to get industry feedback on your business plan.

Bronze Package


Setup feeUSD 75
Monthly feeUSD 125
Consulting time per month1 h
Suppliers contact1


This is the ideal package if your design is already wrapped up and you need reviewing by an expert before sourcing the complete watch from an OEM. This plan does not include design work.

Silver Package


Setup feeUSD 150
Monthly feeUSD 235
Consulting time per month2 h
Suppliers contact3


This is the ideal package if you are at an early stage of your design, and you need industry input to get the right foundation and avoid compromising manufacturing cost. This plan does not include design nor rendering work.

Gold Package


Setup feeUSD 275
Monthly feeUSD 450
Consulting time per month4 h
Suppliers contact9


This is a comprehensive plan, that includes design for manufacturing, 2D and 3D rendering. We allow you to compare between several of the suppliers from our recommended list.

Diamond Package


Setup feeUSD 500
Monthly feeUSD 850
Consulting time per month8 h
Suppliers contact


This is the most complete plan, that includes anything from branding to 2D rendering, 3D rendering and design for manufacturing. We put you in contact with as many suppliers from our recommended list as you need.