Our typical client is an accomplished professional form another field, who needs us to deliver a "sniped" service where we allow to save months of research and scouting.

Our knowledge about watchmaking is concentrating in a few hours of consulting.

Branding Art Direction Tech. Advise
Supply Chain Fee
45 minutes phone call

USD 99
Bronze package


USD 399
Silver package

included USD 799
Gold package

USD 1,199
Platinum package
USD 1,499
Diamond package included
USD 1,749

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We help you to choose a catchy name that conveys the values that you want to implement in your brand, and we perform a preliminary verification of possible conflicts with existing trademark. You must separately hire a graphic designer to create a trademark logo.

Art Direction

We help you to position your brand on our detailed Competitive Perceptual Map based on 20 years spend monitoring the watch industry, to identify the style and the price point at which you should enter the market. You must separately hire an industrial designer to create the watches but we can help you to select the right candidate and we will provide technical support with manufacturing constraints and colour, material & finishing specifications.

Cost Breakdown

We help you to determine your sourcing cost based on your retail price segment and we produce a preliminary cost breakdown that helps you to understand the initial investment in trademarking, design and production.

Supply Chain

We submit a shortlist of suppliers that correspond to the one of the 6 quality segments that is most suitable for positioning your brand.