Our typical client is an accomplished professional form another field, who needs us to deliver a "sniped" service where we allow to save months of research and scouting.

Our knowledge about watchmaking is concentrated in a few hours of consulting.

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Technical Advice Supplier Matching Supply Chain Setup Project Management Setup Installments Total USD
45 Minutes Phone Call

$ 99
Bronze Package

$ 250
2 x $ 125
$ 500
Silver Package

$ 500
2 x $ 250
$ 1,000
Gold Package

$ 1,200
3 x $ 600
$ 3,000
Platinum Package
$ 1,600
8 x $ 600
$ 6,400

Bronze Package = Technical Advice

3 hours of consulting over 2 months -  We will help you to navigate the intricacies of watch manufacturing, to break down cost and lead times, and to save months of research by knowing what to focus on.

Silver Package = Bronze Package + Supplier Matching

7 hours of consulting over 4 months - Besides  the Bronze Package, we will introduce you to a shortlist of suppliers that meet your project's criteria and suggest a template for your Bill of Materials. These will not be random suppliers that we "Googled on Alibaba two days before", but factories whose managers we have interacted with for more than half a decade and whose premises we have visited.

Gold Package = Silver Package + Supply Chain Setup

23 hours of consulting over 6 months -  Besides the Silver Package, we will basically help you to fill in your Bill of Materials with real-life data pertaining to your project. We will also follow-up the discussion and negotiation to help you find the sweet spot between tooling, prototyping and mass production.

Platinum Package = Gold Package + Project Management.

51 hours of consulting over 8 months - Besides the Gold Package, we will also help you to draft your profit and loss forecast and to lay out a project schedule that accounts for all factors. We will also follow up with all parties involved to execute the prototyping, mass production and release of your products according to plan.