Is the art of fixing and making mechanical watches an endangered trade?

With an estimated several hundred million mechanical watches that remain in use, the watch repair and servicing trade should not be short of opportunities, if it were not for a lack of interest from potential apprentices and challenging prospect for small workshops caused by quasi-monopolistic practices by the big brands.

This discussion looks at the issues and possible solutions, of which offering watchmaking training on evening classes or public administrations regulating free trade policies to ensure availability of repair parts to small workshops.

How can I create my own brand and style watch?

Looking at the "alignment of stars" that made it easy for entrepreneurs to launch their own watch brands, this essay looks at how new endeavours have been given a more professional approach, and how it compells newcomers to come up with a tangible value proposition.

What is the appeal of wearing mechanical watches in the age of electronics?

This entry looks at five reasons why mechanical watches still attract consumer interest in a digital age: natural energy harvesting, specialized tool, self-explanatory, perennity and good resale value.