Supply Chain

We have years of practice in the setup of a decentralised supply chain that keeps you in the driver's seat.
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Product development workflow

Essentially, hiring a typical Private Label factory works out, as long as you neither need transparency nor flexibility.

  • The Private Label keeps your source files, so if you change partner, you need to start from scratch. with us, you hown the source files and you are informed about each interchangeable component subcontractor.
  • Private Labels hide their commission in the total price per unit, and you keep paying the same fee even when you scale up. We disclose the development costs and the cost of goods sold separately, without hidden fees.
  • Private Label will typically ask you to meet a minimum order of 300 to 500 complete units, including movement. We procure components separately, on an as-need basis. You can start with smaller numbers and plan periodic costs, instead of paying a significant one-time cost.
  Private Label Woodshores' supply chain
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Flexibility and scalability
Product development workflow
Supply chain